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The smallest and finest details will separate our products from the rest. Logo embellishment is crucial to a brand’s finished product. Whether it be care tags, woven labels, rubber logos, zipper pulls, buckles, bar codes, or hang tags, your product will have the distinction it needs to have a competitive edge when hitting the store shelf.


Vosh can coordinate or work with a brand’s existing trim source. Or, if needed, we can seamlessly provide the components for the finishing touches of a product through our sources. Our goal is simple: alleviate as much internal work for our clients as we possibly can.

We possess twenty years of experience working with Vietnam. Our bilingual staff understands the local culture and subtle neons.

With the advent of the internet, easy to search web sites such as Alibaba and other resources have made an appearance. But do you really know if these sources are credible, will they ship? If they do, what is the recourse for lousy merchandise? Do not waste your time and money flying to Asia to attend the trade shows only to find vendors that will say yes, even without capability, to anything you ask them. The culture is different, and the follow-through is sometimes a mystery. 

Vosh International is an American Company that has been operating in Asia for over two decades. We cut all of the smoke and mirror mysteries by conducting business overseas. We work with suppliers that we have known and trusted for nearly two decades. With Vosh at your side, you can focus on building your brand and forget the hassles of overseas affairs. Leave that part to us; we have staff that travel to Asia every month and our own Asian facility to manage production.




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