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If you are currently arranging your own shipping, we can take the load off. With the ability to share or combine shipments, Vosh is able to coordinate and consolidate your manufactured soft goods.  This includes container shipping, trucking, and cutting-edge private label packs, leading to cheaper rates for you.

In addition, Vosh also offers LDP “Landed Duty Paid” services to reduce our customers’ internal administration time of clearing customs. Vosh reduces the hassle or worry from outsourcing overseas. We have bi-monthly 40-foot containers arriving from our Vietnam factory to our Texas Distribution Center. This gives our customers the flexibility to share our container space and save transportation costs. Otherwise, shipping LCL “Less than Container Load” or a 20-foot container can add as much as 10% to your finished product when compared to filling a full 40-foot container.

With ever-changing trade policies, it is crucial that we stay up to date. We know the HS codes that allow us to save our customer's import duties. Sometimes one HS code can be 32% duty vs. 3% duty on the same product.

We configure the best approach for shipping our client's goods.  It is important to calculate every minor detail, including export fees, Vat taxes, and unloading and loading fees. Knowledge and experience with importing allows Vosh to be the best partner by your side.


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