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Vosh International is a trading company based in Ho Chi Min City, specializing in the design, development and production of bags and garments. Our main markets are in USA, Asia, and Europe. Our clientele are centered around sports and outdoor recreation product lines, including water sports, skating, snow sports, hiking, and even paintball. As we are entering a period of strong growth, we are expanding those product lines into more general recreation, lifestyle and fashion markets.


Vosh was started by Tony V. and grew out of an idea that he could produce better water sports product himself to satisfy his needs as a pro-racer on the jet ski circuit in California.  Tony was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with his family in the late 1970s. He grew up in Southern California and graduated from CSUN California State College Northridge with a BA in Graphic Design and a minor in Industrial Design - top 3 in his class. He worked as a designer for C.B.O. in Hollywood, CA, where he designed merchandise for the movie industry. By working on projects such as Titanic, Lethal Weapon, and Disney’s Anastasia, Tony was exposed to the corporate design world. With a graphics background and an understanding of the latest trends for the USA lifestyle, Tony can give a unique perspective when working with Vosh clients.


Our aim is to provide great service that eases the process of developing and producing in Vietnam, backed with a strong commitment to new design and R&D.  After the trade agreement was signed between the U.S and Vietnam, Vosh was able to manufacture and ship directly to the USA. The first three years were spent working as an exclusive source of packs design, manufacturing, and importing for Hurley International. After Nike bought out Hurley, Vosh decided to branch out and design and manufacture directly for brands in various industries such as powersports (O’Neal, Arai Helmets), fashion (Ambiguous, Ecko Unlimited), surf & skate (Zoo York, Split, Thrasher, Ocean Pacific), and paintball (Evil, Empire, Spyder). As far as mass retailer segment is concerned, some of our early projects were sold to Sam’s Club and other chains with projects including massage table bags and bags for the Razor scooter craze. Vosh International also manufactures the private watercraft brand Jettribe Racing.

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