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Each brand has a unique line and it’s own specific needs. Other than our unbeatable quality and quick turnaround, we understand that having the flexibility of low minimums on initial orders as well as reorders is crucial.

Vosh enables our clients to react to the increasing demands and unpredictability of retail sales. With our staff's experience of over 20 years producing for top outdoor brand names, Vosh is able to help our clients keep up with their consumers' requests. Our workmanship, quality and use of the best material sources in the world make Vosh's manufacturing in Vietnam a perfect match for our client's needs.

A brand's product is the life line of the company. At Vosh International we are constantly researching for the latest and greatest materials and manufacturing processes that can give a mid-size company same the resources as the big brands. Processes like compression molded panels, large format roller sublimation with endless colors artwork, seem weldings, interlock and flat stitch, bar tacking, and laser cuts or die cuts for maximum efficiency. We understand the material process, and which materials or backing that are needed to react to sewing or temperature. A PVC and PU coated material will act differently when sewn or exposed to heat transfer decoration. Thread counts are also just as important.  Just because it feels thicker or heavier does not necessarily means it is stronger. 

These decisions are what we will help you with along the design and manufacturing process.  Allow us to use our 20 years of Vietnam manufacturing to assist you along this journey, to ensure the end product lives up to your customer's needs.

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