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PPE Products & Work wear : High Performance PPE products for the police, military, emergency & care personal, firemen, industry workers, etc. We make fire retardant & -proof, high visibility, antistatic, shock absorbent, PU-Top, Gore-Tex and antisepsis garments, eyewear, helmets, shoes, gloves, anti bacterial hospital curtains.
We are very well informed about the product certificates for the European CE standards; EN471, EN531, EN343, EN469, EN1149-1, and the United States and Australia standards; ANSI
,NFPA AS/NZ and we can get your product certified for you.

Sportswear: We are a complete Team Sport Supplier producing Garments, Socks, Gloves, Balls, Bags and some hard wear products. We make both knitted and woven with highly developed wicking effects. We make moisture management, quick dry/moisture vapour, odour/antibacterial and UV-Cut/allergy free fabrics and garments both by chemical yarn- or fabric treatment or bynano fiber & yarn construction or by natural material like silver, bamboo/charcoal or chitosante using crab & shrimp shells, etc. to give permanent functions. We work with double face knitting to give the exact look and feeling you require. For god look and nice comfort we use 4 needle 6 thread machines or make seamless production. For our high performance woven garments we work with bonding, lamination, 1,5 – 3 lawyers coating, Branded or non branded membranes, lacer cuts, waterproof zippers, seam welding/ultrasonics or t.i.t. taping from ex Bimes. We make seamless high performance underwear and socks for running, skiing, ice hockey, tennis and football.
Gloves we produce for Goal keeping, Motor cross, Skiing, Cycling, Riding & Golf etc.. 

Balls we make for Soccer, American footballs, Handball, Volley & beach Volley ball. Machine- and Hand stitched, Seamless/moulded/pasted, Therma bonded. We have very god design team to bring up new interesting panels and design ideas. Also our supplier
the World Patent for 3 very special panel designs with a very cool look being perfect for ex. displaying your unique logos/brand.

We also make bikinis and board shorts. We use polyester, nylon and micro fiber from China or imported from Taiwan. Solid or all over print with many nice application like injection welding, special printings, embroideries etc. We also use recycled fabric. We can make very high level board shorts.

Finally we make and design a large variety of back packer bags and High abrasion Welded Sportswear- and Sail bags with Welding parts up to 2,5x1,5 m


Formal Wear - Suits, Tuxedos, Uniforms, Shirt, Dressed Jacket & Coats: We produce for Ladies, Men’s & Kids both Classic & Modern styling.
For Suit, Tuxedos and Uniforms we work with shell qualities like; PL, T/R, Cotton blended, Wool blended (ex. w/pl, w/silk, w/spandex), S100-S140, Cashmere. Domestic fabrics or imported, ex REDA" and "Cerruti from Italy.

Workmanship: Un-constructed jacket, Fusing suits, Semi-traditional (fusing suits with padded lapel), Half or Full Canvas machine or handmade using 100% horse or camel hair.
Interior & detailing: Straight facing, Piano facing, Luxury facing with Narrow Jets, Columbia stitching, D stitching on pocket corners, AMF and fancy interior as per client's demand.
For linings we use Poly/Viscose Twill or Jacquard, Acetate/Viscose or 100% Viscose. We could also use 100% polyester lining, of coz which will be cheaper. 
For Shirts we work mostly with qualities that are very high end from 40s to 2ply 100, 120 or 140 premium cotton fabrics, and are available both for bulk production and from stock.
Dobby fabrics, Yarn dyed Stripe or Checks, Solid twill (TW Series), wrinkle free.
Single needle finest stitching. edge stitching, removable collar stays, lock stitch buttoning system.
Branding on woven label, poly bag, embossed on back board, tissue paper, cartons, bar-coding label, etc.
For Dressed canvas type Jackets and Coats we work with various Cotton, Cotton Mix, Nylons or 100% Wool and Wool Blends including Velour & Melton qualities.
Our formal wear garment we offer both based upon Bulk mass production & Tailor Made individual customize suits and shirts with no minimum.

Rune Lorentzen

Bergsunds Strand 21
117 38 Stockholm
Tel./fax: +46 (0)8 726 8130
Mobil: +46 (0)70 202 8131

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