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We are proudly seeking new talented and qualified office personnel to work for a great american and vietnamese company!

Job description: Merchandiser

t Vosh, the merchandiser is the link between the factory and the customer and is one of the most important people in the supply chain. If the merchandiser does their job well then everything works – development to prototype, sample confirmation, pre-production preparation, purchase order input, production, shipment and (on time!) delivery all happen and are successful because of the work that a merchandiser does… 

A Vosh merchandiser does even more – he or she is also a salesperson for the company: when they work with the factories, the Vosh merchandiser leads by example in the way they work with their colleagues in the factories, so that the relationship between Vosh and our production base continues to grow and become stronger. When a Vosh merchandiser is working with a customer, either
onMerchandiser-line or in person, then everything they do is key not just to
keeping that customer, but also to increasing business with that customer: the fact that we answer an email within 24 hours is just as important as showing a customer the latest product or materials for their next collection.

We are looking to recruit a person who will:

• Liaise with customers and overseas sales offices
• Liaise with factories
• Liaise with other suppliers

• Control the development process: receive designs and sketches, assess material requirements, liaise with internal departments (pattern making, sampling) and external resources (factories and suppliers), order samples and manage the critical path (date and time lines), check and despatch samples.
• Manage the pre-production process: confirm pre-production samples, materials and accessories with suppliers and customers, manage purchase order input and purchase order output to suppliers.
• Oversee production process: manage critical paths, maintain communications with all stakeholders (factory, QC, sales office, customer), trouble shoot.
• Liaise with factory, customer and freight forwarder to ensure speedy and efficient shipment and document processing

We want to find a person who can:
• Work closely with a team and enjoy multi-tasking
• Identify new opportunities with vendors and customers
• Speak and write English with confidence

We need a person who wants to:
• Join a young, informal company that is expanding and going places
• Develop their skills and challenge themselves
• Create opportunities for themselves, their colleagues and the company


Vosh Vietnam is proudly offering new opportunities for a few qualified, honest and hardworking Vietnamese office workers who speak and write English.

Applicants must possess competent computer skills for Microsoft Word, Excel, Quickbooks, ERP Production Management, Corel Draw and Photoshop.

Please do not be discouraged if you do not possess the experience or skills that we are seeking. What Vosh wants is that you have a good heart, the desire to learn new skills, flexible, be able to multi-task, work well as a team and most important to be honest. 

From our 10 years of experience working in Vietnam, we can teach and train most people to work with Vosh as long as you are smart, hard working eager to learn new skills. Currently, most of our top employees came to work for Vosh without any previous experience. 

Our workflow system is 100% from the USA and we would like to give you the opportunity to learn from Vosh. We do not expect you to know everything, but having some office experience does help, but not necessary.


xPhase 1

Training will start with Tony Vo, who is a Vietnamese, American who grew up in the USA for 32 years. His English writing and verbal skills are excellent. Tony has a BA of Design from the USA and intially have over 10 years production experience in Vietnam.

Tony will focus on basic office etiquette:





  • Sample Procedures

  • Saving files to an internal remote server

  • Communication through email, Skype and Teleconferencing with our USA and European Offices

  • Production Procedures

  • Qualifying local factories for Sub-contracting work

  • Process information/ work orders from our USA and European Offices  for sampling to production

Phase 2
Our Local Vietnamese Director for our Vietnam office will be working with you on the following:

  • wOffice and Production duties, assignments and workflow

  • Troubleshoot and follow through with the order with local vendors

  • Local Freight Forward

  • Office and Production organizing

Phase 3

Nick Ryan who has 17 years experience from outerwear and fashion garment production. Nick will share his knowledge and experience on the following:


  • Qualifying New Factories

  • Merchandising

  • Quality Control

  • L/C Processing

  • Outline Procedures working with Large Volume Customers

  • Hosting and Greeting Buyers from Europe and USA

Once you qualify and become a Vosh International Team Member you will receive the following company benefits:

Working for a stable foreign base company


  • Learn valuable skills that is not available from any other local companies

  • Travel to the USA to represent Vosh International at trade shows and to help out (when needed) at our main head quarters California

  • Lunch allowance will be rewarded to those who qualify

The key factor that Vosh International is looking for is a well rounded skilled person who can follow instructions, multi-task and follow through on many jobs all at once. These tasks can range from doing some design work, doing some accounting to knowing about exporting.

If this sounds like this would be a great opportunity for you and believe you have these skills to become part of the Vosh International Family, then we want to

Please email your job skills, resume, samples of design work (if any), CV and

expecting salary to:

Tony Vo
Thank you for your interest in working with Vosh International. Good Luck! We look forward to hearing from you.






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