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Vosh International is a USA based corporation that has been manufacturing in Vietnam for over 20 years. In the past our primary focus was producing private label and OEM designs through our Vietnam factory, which we own and operate. For the past decade, our primary focus shifted to the expansion of our own in-house brand, Jettribe.  After being in the production business for so long, we understand there is a lot of mystery and “smoke & mirrors” in the Asia trading business, involving trading companies, brokers, reps, and middle-men. Current sourcing methods, like through online resources such as Alibaba, end-up with communications with faceless entities with few guarantees of quality.  Vosh International’s USA staff serves as the primary contact for all steps of production from start to finish.  We are not a large company, but we have a tremendous amount of experience in Vietnam production. 


Due to the current political climate and the overwhelming reliance on China for production needs, we understand brands from small to mid-size do not have the ability to learn about Vietnam production in a timely manner.  Therefore, Vosh would like to alleviate some of the sourcing and production issues companies are currently experiencing from China. Our goal is to open a small door for a handful of companies who need help sourcing in Vietnam. Given that we are not a large corporation, we take on a small number of clients each year so our USA and Vietnam staff can provide high quality support. We have multiple International locations with true product professionals that are accountable for your production and are there to advise you along the entire design, manufacturing, and importing process.  We stay awake at night, so you don’t have to.


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